Plan B. Gamedev uses the best software to build amazing mobile games.The mission is to inspire other 3D and 2D artists, to push their work to the next level.Everything starts with an idea.

With modern 3D technology, Plan B. Gamedev creates Charakters, sprites and every other game assets to make your game unique.The possibilities are limitless.If you have the idea to create an amazing game but you lack the necessary part of game assets?You are only one step away.

Ready to make your first game?

If you’re interested in creating video games without any coding knowlege, then click the video below and do the first step.On Plan B. Gamedevs youtube channel you will lean step by step how to design a full game in 2D or 3D from scratch, with charakters, game assets, animations, powerups and finally how to publish and monetize your first game.