I make a 2D Platformer Game without coding

I make a 2D Platformer Game without coding

2D Platformer Tutorial Series On youtube we find so much Buildbox Tutorials about how to let cubes jump, rotate, or rotate jump or something like that…But all the cool details it shows always in great hit games are really hard to find.So i started a brandnew tutorial series on my planbgamedev youtube channel where we […]

Buildbox with FBX Support!

Buildbox with FBX Support!   The nocode gamemaker software Buildbox is now supporting FBX, these news are so hot, and that will change the game for this gamechanger considerably.It brings a lot of opportunities and opens new doors in the gaming business.Since the update of Buildbox 3 last years december, the software makes one more [...]

Buildbox AI Node Review

Buildbox AI Node Review   With every update Buildbox becomes more and more new features and the software is getting always better.But till this gamemaker is absolute limitless, it will takes some time...We can make very cool games with Buildbox, without any code and it happens regulary, that a few games are featured by Apple. [...]

Start a no code Game Development today!

Start a Game Development Studio today!   For me as a 3D Charakter Designer i was always interested in making games.I have a few programming skills but not enough to create a full video game. In this Business, my part was only creating charakters, game assets and UI designs.One day i started leaning unity3D, but [...]

Mine the Bone mobile game

  Mine the Bone, this game really wasn't planned... I was sick on the sofa for a few days, and in this time i came up with the idea for this game.First I started with the gameplay settings and then in only one day i created the charakter and assets for my next game. It [...]

Angry Overdrive the carracing game

  I made another game in Buildbox with no code! Angry Overdrive is a car racing game, where the player must kick out all the sport cars from the track to earn points.But to kick them from the track, the player must be on the right or left side from a sports car.When collides backsiede [...]

Pin Z Head the Zombie Pinball Game!

  Pin Z Head, is the 2nd game i made with Buildbox! 100% without coding and i created all the game assets in 3D.This game tooks me 4 weeks from scratch to release.In my youtube Channel, i will upload a video next, in timelapse, how i created the game assets for Pin Z Head.And it [...]

Greedy Bitcoin Hunters Mobile Game

  Greedy Bitcoin Hunters, was my first game i ever made.And 100% without coding..With this game i want to create something where i can learn all the steps it needs from start to export and publish.I created all the assets for the game.by my self.Some of these are created in 2d and other in 3d.As [...]

Plan B. Game Development is born

Today’s the official launch from Plan B. Game Development.A brandnew mobile game designers website. In this Blog you find every update about our new game releases and some other important stuff about the mobile game industry. Also coming soon on our youtube channel, useful tutorials how to start a business as a game developner and […]