About We create amazing games without coding
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My name is Sebastian Kampfmann, i’m the founder of Plan B. Game Development.


The name Plan B. was choosen, because it never was my Plan A. to create video games.
For the first time, i started with designing game assets for other Game Developers and I made many interesting contacts.And as more I was involved, as much more i realized the potential in creating mobile games.


I didn’t waste too much time, because i had many good ideas.

I was sure, let’s start creating my own mobile games!


In the next steps, i was focused on my game ideas and i planned which games i can realize now, and which games needs more time.

It was very important for me to learn the complete process, how to build a game, recognize and resolve the problems which arise, and at last how to publish and make money with it.


So i created a possible game in a couple of weeks, with release at the google play store.

And then i thought, Yes!I just did it.


Plan B. Gamedev was born!

And from now i want to create amazing mobile games to entertain many people.


If you love to playing mobile games, come back soon to see Plan B. Gamedevs next released games.

In the Blog area, you can find hereafter every updates about upcoming games.


You plan a career in the video game industrie?Or if you need a professional with  you’re games, assets, charakters or any other things, just use the contact form.


Also available soon on Plan B. Game Developments youtube channel, tutorials how to make you’re own mobile games.

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