I make a 2D Platformer Game without coding

I make a 2D Platformer Game without coding

2D Platformer Tutorial Series

On youtube we find so much Buildbox Tutorials about how to let cubes jump, rotate, or rotate jump or something like that…But all the cool details it shows always in great hit games are really hard to find.So i started a brandnew tutorial series on my planbgamedev youtube channel where we build step by step a 2D platformer game.

Animation Editor

In the first tutorial of this series i show you how to make a Main Menu UI with Logo animation and Play Button animation.Much later with more progress we will adjust this Main Menu UI a littlebit here and a littlebit there.The most important part of this tutorial is that you will learn how to use the animation editor in Buildbox.

2D Charakter animations

In the next tutorial i show you how to setup all the basic animations for a 2D charakter.I use my own charakters in this game and you can also use your own 2D charakters there without any problems.Later i will ad more animations to this charakter for some special moves.

2D Platformer World with FREE coin sprite

In this tutorial i show you how to setup a basic 2D world with a lot of assets and you can find these assets all for free in the buildbox asset library.And in this video i use a animated coin sprite i made and you can also get it for FREE on gumroad.Just watch the video till the end to get the code.

Parallax Effects

In tutorial number 4 from this series i show you how to bring more life into your 2D World with some cool parallax effects.Parallax effects you can use to give the backgrounds different parameters in speed.It’s really easy in buildbox, i show you the basics and i’m sure that you will come up with many cool ideas after this video 😉

What you are waiting for?You can download Buildbox for free here!And don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel if you wanna see more of my great tutorials.Just click the animation below!

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