Buildbox AI Node Review

Buildbox AI Node Review


With every update Buildbox becomes more and more new features and the software is getting always better.But till this gamemaker is absolute limitless, it will takes some time…We can make very cool games with Buildbox, without any code and it happens regulary, that a few games are featured by Apple.

In BB3 it is also possible to write some code to make a game more unique .7 Studio Dev, resolved a problem what the Buildbox team. haven’t thought of that before.The young Gamedev Studio, developed an AI node, where we can use enemies or objects to chasing and shooting a target, or with other words „chasing and shooting the player.“

I tested this AI node and that’s the reason for this Blog post:

The AI node, can be open like a regular Buildbox Project, and at the first sight it looks like a template of a spaceshooter hitgame from the 80’s…But that’s not important, because the AI note is a powerful tool to push your next hitgame to a new level!

The startscreen shows you exactly what we can do with the preset opjects.And the node also comes with an detailled description how to use it, and it is very easy to setup charakter and enemies.

It can be set this way that the enemy is chasing the charakter, shooting the charakter, chasing and shooting or just move around to focus and shoot the charakter.These features are amazing and a great progress for your gamedev studio.

It’s up to you what you do with this node.Be creative and you will make your games much better and better.I’m very impressed from the AI node and i have so much cool ideas with it in my upcoming games and youtube tutorials.

This is something i created when i played around with the AI node.I used a charakter from one of my games i made Heroes in the jungle, and i used a cool zombie in a American Football Outfit to chase the charakter.

And i really like the result.It’s just to chase the charakter and when the zombie is close to him, then he hits him with a punch.And for that, we can use animations and we can set it up to taking health from the charakter or to kill him.

It’s hard to put it all into words.So i think it’s better if you see it what’s possible.And especially for that, i have made an review on youtube.

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