Start a no code Game Development today!

Start a Game Development Studio today!


For me as a 3D Charakter Designer i was always interested in making games.I have a few programming skills but not enough to create a full video game.
In this Business, my part was only creating charakters, game assets and UI designs.One day i started leaning unity3D, but I hadn’t enough time this moment.I learned a littlebit today and then 2 weeks nothing, and then i continued…But the new things we learn and when we don’t use them in the next 48 hours, we forget…
And then on a boring Saturday with watching some movies,  I was scrolling on Facebook and I saw this impressive ad that shows Trey Smith the founder of buildbox and he spoke something about making hyper casual games without coding skills?!…I thought that sounds very interesting and I saved the post for later.But i didn’t open it in the next 48 hours and so I forgot it :-D…
And I think 2 months later I saw this ad again  and this time, i clickt the ad, then I bought the ebook for a few little dollars and a few days later I started my first month in buildbox.I checkt everything what is possible with this software and all the videos I found to learn.As a 3D Charakter Designer i saw the possibilities and how I can bring my Designs into a game.
In Buildbox of course you can make a simple but very cool hyper casual game, in just a few days.
But i had many ideas in my mind and i want to make a nice platformer game at first, where i can try many things that i can improve in my upcoming games and how to understand the important basics.
So it tooks me 5 months to finish my first game Greedy Bitcoin Hunters and I started my own game development studio to connect with other game devs.
I also planned to make tutorials on youtube.
My next games i made much faster, one of my games tooks me only one week from scratch and bring it into the Google Play Store, and my list with game ideas i wanna make is very large, but  i will do it step by step one after the other.

Buildbox opens many doors for me, many possibilities in the video game Industrie.And I always hear the people say:”learn coding and you have no limits “…Yes of course, that’s correct, the part with no limits, but with every buildbox update, the software has so much more new features and in the new Buildbox 3 coding is also possible, for those people with coding skills to improve your game.

I really don’t say “ it isn’t n necessary to learn coding.“

Start learning and start with unity, it will take some time when starting from 0!But if you really wanna start your own gamedev studio you can do it right now, right here with buildbox!
The time is now, you can start for free and test it as long as you want!

You can use my tutorials how the software works and on my channel you will learn every step you need to know how to bring your games Into the app stores.The video gaming Industrie is growing bigger and bigger and this is your ticket to get in, right now!There’s already a great community of active Buildbox users if you need any help..I’m not sure I really wanna do something in unity in future, maybe it’s something for long term.For now I have to realize many ideas in buildbox.

I hope this Blog Post was an inspiration and i hope it helps to find a decision if your feeling lost for this moment 😉
Follow my blog and you will not miss any news about my gamedev studio and you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel to find out everything you need to make codeless games and how to monetize and bring them to the app stores with the chance to make a hit game!
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