Mine the Bone mobile game


Mine the Bone, this game really wasn’t planned…

I was sick on the sofa for a few days, and in this time i came up with the idea for this game.First I started with the gameplay settings and then in only one day i created the charakter and assets for my next game.

It tooks me only 4 days to create Mine the Bone, and i was all the time sick on the couch this time 😉

The game isn’t too complicated, it’s simple.But with other words i saw one more time what is possible with Buildbox!

Mine the Bone is a funny and beautiful game for children, where the player plays a cute little dog to find a bone in the garden to complete each level.

The player controlls the dog via touch control along the path and avoid the stones around this path.

Mine the Bone is now available in Google Play Store.Check it out now, it’s 100% Free.

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