Angry Overdrive the carracing game


I made another game in Buildbox with no code!

Angry Overdrive is a car racing game, where the player must kick out all the sport cars from the track to earn points.But to kick them from the track, the player must be on the right or left side from a sports car.When collides backsiede with them, the player dies…

The player have to be carefull from all the other white coloured vehicles like, cars, trucks and trains because they kill the player when collides with them.

In every Level, there’s a purple light that makes the player invisible for 10 seconds.Enough time to kill all the white vehicles and kick out as much sportscars a possible to earn many points.

Check out this very cool racing game in Google Play Store.Angry Overdrive is created 100% without coding in only 2 weeks.It’s amazing what’s possible with the Gamemaker Buildbox ;-).

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