Pin Z Head the Zombie Pinball Game!


Pin Z Head, is the 2nd game i made with Buildbox!

100% without coding and i created all the game assets in 3D.This game tooks me 4 weeks from scratch to release.In my youtube Channel, i will upload a video next, in timelapse, how i created the game assets for Pin Z Head.And it was really funny to create this game 😉

The Name Pin Z Head i builded another version from the Game name Pin Ball.In Pin Ball the player, plays flipper with a Ball.And in Pin Z Head the player plays flipper with the head from a Zombie.Pin Z Head 😉

In this flipper game, the player flips the Zombie Head with 2 skeleton hands.And always crossing his way, the Halloween Pumpkins.

Can you beat all the 100 levels?The player finished the level, when he collects the star.But from time to time the game is much more difficult and then it needs to collect much more stars to complete the level.And maybe it requieres to play with 2 zombie heads…Check it out right now in Google Play Store.I think you love it!

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