Greedy Bitcoin Hunters, was my first game i ever made.And 100% without coding..With this game i want to create something where i can learn all the steps it needs from start to export and publish.I created all the assets for the my self.Some of these are created in 2d and other in 3d.As a 3d artist, i want to create all the charakters for my upcoming games in 3d.But for Greedy Bitcoin Hunters, all the Charakters are created in 2d, because i animated them with Animationbox.

Animationbox is a aditional software from buildbox.The user can create charakter animations with pre-defined bonestructures and charakter assets.Or can import his own charakter assets and give them a bone skeleton.Animationbox is easy to use and it doesn’t need too much experience to make nice 2d animations with this software.

In Greedy Bitcoin Hunters the player must collect as much bitcoins as possible.In real life, Bitcoin is a risky thing, but not in my game.It makes a lot of fun and the game comes with nice music and beautiful graphics.

The player starts with a free charakter and with virtual game currency, 2 other charakters with much better gameplay can be unlocked.And with In App purchase, the player can buy 2 charakters more, to make the game much more interesting and to collect much more Bitcoins easier.

I’m very happy, to create this beautiful game and because it was my first game!I think you will love it ;-)Just check it out, at the moment it is available only in Google Play Store for Android devices and for iOs it will be available soon.

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